A company profile establishes a solid case for the company’s


A powerful tool to promote your business

A company profile is basically a hard or soft version of your website. We design professional company profiles that are laid out look and promote your business in a professional manner and to create a good marketing mix to reach out to your potential clients to get them interested in your products or services

We design professional company profiles to win and reach as many prospects as possible.

Why Your Company Profile Is Important

Here are a few reasons why a company profile matters so much to you and your company.
  • It Serves As A Great Marketing Tool

    A company profile serves as an excellent marketing tool. You can make it visible across all platforms such as in physical prints and digital media like emails, websites and professional social networks such as LinkedIn.

  • Helps Your Company Stand Out

    A well-designed, informative and engaging company profile can launch your business to greater heights with its uniqueness and creativity

  • Build Brand Awareness and Credibility

    Your company profile is useful in terms of sharing your powerful brand story to your potential customers.

  • Give An Idea on Your Products and Services

    It gives you the chance to tell your customers what your business is about; and what products and services you can offer.

  • Helps in Recruitment Process

    A company profile can give potential talents a quick look into your business and get an overall idea of what it’s like working with you.

The company profile will contain information such as

      1. The official name of the company, company logo, address, telephone number, email address and locations
      2. The name of the founder(s) and the names and titles of the key members of the company
      3. Overall business activities of the company: services & products
      4. Company’s overall strategy, including its purpose and mission statement
      5. The structure of the company: whether it’s public, private, or a partnership
      6. Who serves on the board of directors, if there is a board
      7. The numbers and types of employees or independent contractors in the company
      8. The basic financial data related to the company, including its yearly revenue, profits, and major assets 
      9. The operations and mission of the company, including what sets it apart from other companies
      10. Achievements or projects that the company has made recently 
      11. Short- and longer-term goals of the company


Our Packages

We offer different company profile design packages depending on your organization's needs


  • Up-to 10 Pages
  • File Formats: PDF or PNG
  • Delivery Period: 1 week


  • Up-to 20 Pages
  • File Formats: PDF or PNG
  • Delivery Period: 1-2 weeks


  • Up-to 30 Pages
  • File Formats: PDF or PNG
  • Delivery Period: 2-3 weeks

Our Previous Work

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